Four Suspension Issues That A Car Service Can Pick Up On

The suspension system is a critical part of your car's structure, and it's the key to handling, ride comfort, and overall vehicle performance.

The suspension system consists of the chassis (the body), the springs (which support the vehicle), shock absorbers (which control vertical movement) and stabilisers (which control lateral movement). The entire system works together to ensure a smooth ride in all situations.

Here are four suspension issues that a car service can pick up on:

1) Worn Suspension Struts

Struts are crucial for a smooth ride because they absorb bumps in the road. When struts wear out, they'll be unable to absorb these shocks as well as they should be able to — which means that every bump will be felt by both you and your passengers. When this happens regularly, it can lead to premature wear on tires and other parts of your vehicle's suspension system. A car service can tell if your struts are worn out by performing a visual inspection and by checking the spring rate, which is the force required to compress it. 

2) Damaged Ball Joints

A car service can tell if your ball joints are damaged by performing an inspection and checking for play in the joint. When you turn or brake, the weight of your vehicle is supported by these metal-to-metal connections between the control arms and wheels. If there's too much play in them, it can cause problems with steering and braking — which could lead to an accident.

3) Coil Springs 

Coil springs are attached between each wheel hub and its corresponding strut to support your vehicle's weight while minimising vibrations during acceleration and deceleration. If these springs fail, then your vehicle will ride roughly over bumps in the road and handle poorly. A car service shop can test the springs for cracks and other damage, then replace them if necessary. 

4) Squeaking/Whistling Suspension 

A squeaking or whistling sound coming from your car's floorboards or steering column could indicate worn bushings or ball joints on either end of your control arms (front or rear). A car service technician can check this out using an alignment machine with an oscilloscope attachment that allows them to see exactly which bushings or ball joints are worn out. If they are, then the technician can replace them with new ones to restore the proper suspension function.

If your car has suspension problems, then you should have your car serviced by a trained mechanic as soon as possible. If left unchecked, this type of wear can lead to all kinds of other problems, including premature tire wear and even dangerous handling issues. 

For more information about car services, contact a local company. 

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