Essential Signs that a Car Engine Needs Repair

An engine is the nerve-centre of a car that provides motion from point A to point B. It is common for motors to malfunction and inconvenience car owners, especially in the absence of regular servicing and maintenance. However, because of the complex nature of an engine, most car owners are lost on the telltale signs that a motor needs repairs. Before rushing to the nearest car repair service, watch out for the following signs.

Loud Knocking Sounds -- When it sounds strange, perhaps it is ailing. Like other machines, an engine is prone to damage after clocking a particular mileage, and it should be taken to a service dealer for repairs. For example, if you hear unusual knocking sounds that become pronounced depending on engine speed, then you should have your car checked. An engine's performance is hinged on movable parts ranging from bearings to pistons, that can trigger weird sounds if not well-maintained and lubricated. Thankfully, most car repair shops can address the issue and ensure you are back on the road in no time.

Exhaust Smoke -- Exhaust smoke provides a clear state of your car's health based on the colour and density. For example, if your vehicle produces black smoke, it is an indication of incomplete fuel combustion; therefore, your spark plugs might need replacement. The malfunction might be triggered by different issues, such as clogged air filters. If you value your vehicle's condition, you should take it to a mechanic immediately for diagnosis and replacement of the affected components. On the other hand, if the exhaust smoke is grey in colour, then your automatic transmission system might have a problem.  

Smell -- Although engines produce odour due to burning fuel, the scent should never reach inside a car. When you smell strange odours inside your vehicle, your engine could likely be the problem. Depending on the type of smell, a qualified mechanic is better placed to understand what could be ailing your car. For example, if the scent resembles that of burning paper, it could be related to a clutch malfunction due to lack of burn-off. It mainly happens when the driver is frequently stepping on a clutch pedal. Consequently, the resultant friction triggers the release of the said odour. The smell of a burning carpet might indicate that your brakes are overheating. When driving your car, stay keen and report any strange smells to avoid engine damage.

For more info on mechanical repairs, feel free to contact auto repair shops to learn more.

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