Performance Upgrade Options for a Sports Car

Skim through the pages of any motorsport magazine, and the first thing you will notice is the plethora of modified sports cars. Performance upgrades are excellent for enthusiasts who want to give their sports cars more power and some personality. However, with numerous performance upgrade options available in the market, choosing what your car needs can be a problem. This article highlights top performance upgrade options for a sports car.

Cold Air Intake

One thing about sports cars is that their engines work harder to achieve top speeds, which often results in heat buildup. It might explain why radiators in sports cars have wide hoses with few turns to allow unrestricted flow of coolant into and out of an engine. That said, a cold air intake can enhance the performance of a car, especially when connected to an already upgraded radiator system. Most importantly, air intakes draw cold air from the environment and help to dissipate heat being generated by an engine. Apart from performance, cold air intake adds a distinct sound to a sports car, especially when driving on full speed.

Carbon Body Parts

Lighter sports cars perform better than heavier ones in as far as speed goes. The weight of a car is attributed to the materials used in the fabrication process. Most critical car parts are made from metal, and there is little you can do about it. However, exterior panels such as the bonnet and windbreakers can be substituted with carbon fibre components. The less weight you pack on a sports car, the faster the acceleration. Besides, it is easy to add venting on a carbon hood compared to a metallic one, and this goes a long way in improving the efficiency and performance of an engine. Moreover, carbon body parts are relatively cheap compared to metallic components.

Auxiliary Gauges

As you modify a sports car with performance upgrades, it is vital to keep track of an engine's stats. Parameters such as coolant temperatures and oil pressure can spiral out of control if you don't monitor what is going on under the hood. That is why gauge packs are essential in a modified sports car. Auxiliary gauges are your eyes under the hood. For example, pressure gauges are used to monitor air pressure, brake pressure, nitrous pressure and blower pressure, among others. The type of indicator to install depends on the specific upgrade being implemented in a sports car.

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