Nervous About Your Driving Instructor Lessons? Here Are A Few Ways To Prepare

Driving instructor lessons are a great way to prepare yourself for any upcoming driving tests and simply make you a better driver overall. Many Australians take driving instructor lessons because they count for more of the required hours than merely being supervised by someone with their full license. Whatever your reason for getting driving instructor lessons may be, it is common to be a bit nervous before going to one for the first time. A good way to calm those nerves is by preparing your car for the lessons. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you arrive for your allotted time:

Take Everything Off The Backseat 

The first thing your driving instructor is likely to tell you is to remove any loose items or rubbish in the backseat of the car, if it is big enough. That is because unsecured items in the back can be considered potential projectiles when the car comes to a sudden stop. When you go for a driving test the supervisor will likely take a note of any items in the back and could penalise you for it. This is something easy enough to prepare for so make sure you do it!

Get Your Seat In A Comfortable Position

When the driving instructor lessons start you want to be able to go straight away. Part of this preparation is ensuring that the seat is how you like it, so if you don't drive to the offices where the driving instructor lessons are based out of then when you get there (before you go in) make sure to adjust your seat. When you eventually go to your test, it is not a great look to be adjusting your seat for a few minutes before the driving test starts, so you should get in the habit of being ready before you have any supervision.

Keep The Car Cool

The last thing you want before embarking on an hour or longer driving session is to create an uncomfortable environment. Cars get extremely hot in summer so remember to leave a little early so you can properly cool down your car with air conditioning, or by opening up the windows and letting a breeze through. While there is nothing explicitly in the rules about a car that is too hot, you want your supervisor to be in a good mood and sitting in a searing hot car is enough to make anyone a bit uppity. 

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