Three reasons to choose to buy from a manufacturer authorised dealer

When you have a problem with your vehicle, it always makes sense to have the problem resolved by an authorised dealer. Bosch is one of the biggest manufacturers of original equipment parts in the world, and authorised dealers working for them or any other manufacturer will have the experience to service diesel, petrol and hybrid vehicles which contain parts supplied by that manufacturer. Whatever the problem you may be experiencing, they will be able to supply exactly the part that you need to get your vehicle running again without delay. Here are three advantages that come with using Bosch authorised dealers:

You get exactly the part you need

When you approach Bosch authorised dealers, or the dealers for whatever part you need, you can be sure that the part they supply is the perfect part for your vehicle. If you fit a generic item in your car or van, you have no way of knowing how long it will last or whether it operates as effectively as an authentic manufacturer-supplied part would do. You cannot tell whether a generic part will fail after only a few miles or whether it is hindering the efficiency of your vehicle. When your car parts come from a manufacturer authorised dealer you can have confidence that they were built with your vehicle in mind and will allow your vehicle to operate exactly as intended.

Full warranty and after-sales service

Buying your parts from an authorised dealer means that you can be sure that they come with a full manufacturer's warranty and after-sales service. There will be no problem if a defect is discovered in the part you purchase; you should be able to simply return it for a replacement.

You get the benefit of manufacturer knowledge

When you purchase from an authorised dealer, all of the people that you come into contact with at the dealership will have been trained by the manufacturer. They should be able to answer any questions you may have and they can help you select the perfect part for your vehicle. There will be no guesswork or assumptions which could lead to you walking out of the door with the wrong item. The dealer will know precisely the right part and how it should be fitted.

Working with authorised dealers means that your vehicle will receive the right components and will be able to operate exactly as you expect.

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