How to Ace a Forklift Licence Theory Test

When you take a training course to get your forklift licence, you aren't just tested on your practical abilities using a forklift. You also have to pass a theory test. This can seem intimidating. If it's a long time since you left school and did any formal learning, then you might feel a bit rusty. Academics might just not be your thing.

To make things easier, look for training courses that give you extra help and support. Here are a few things to look for. 

1. Face-to-Face Training

Some training courses allow you to learn your forklift theory online rather than in a classroom. While this suits some people who want to get the theoretical part of the course out of the way in their own time, it's not always the best solution. Online learning doesn't always teach you what you need to know. If you don't grasp something, then you won't get help to understand it. You'll have to try to work things out for yourself.

It's a lot easier to do your theory learning on a face-to-face basis with a real teacher. They can explain things more comprehensively. If you don't understand something, you can ask for help and they can work you through the problem.

2. Small Class Sizes

If your training class has a lot of people in it, then you may find it harder to learn. It can be intimidating to ask a question in a room full of lots of people; your instructor might not have time to answer everyone's questions. Instead, look for training courses that limit their class sizes. You'll find it easier to learn if there are just a handful of people in the room. Asking questions will feel less awkward and your instructor will have more time to help you all out.

3. Free Re-Tests

If you fail your theory test, some training providers charge you an extra fee to take it again. This may make you more worried about being in this position. The more worried you are at this stage, the less likely you are to do well in the exam. Some training companies offer a free re-test service when you sign up for forklift licence training. If you do have a blip and fail, then you at least know that you can sit the exam again for free. This may make you feel better.

To find out more getting ar forklift licence training, talk to training providers and services.

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