Top 3 Reasons Cars Break Down

Performing proper maintenance on your car is vital to keeping it running at its best for a long time. However, it is important to note that car maintenance doesn't make the vehicle immune to mechanical problems that may lead to a breakdown — it only helps to reduce the risk of such problems arising. 

With that said, you should always watch out for signs of car issues so you can have them checked and fixed before they can lead to a breakdown and potentially costly vehicle repairs. Below are some common car mechanical problems that you may experience while driving.

1. Engine Trouble

Are you having difficulty starting your car? Does your engine make loud noises when you are driving? Is your engine overheating? Can you see smoke coming from the front of your car? When it comes to engine problems, the warning signs are many, and none should be ignored. Keep in mind that it is your engine that produces the mechanical power required to move your vehicle, so engine failure will result in a stalled car.

If you drive a modern car, the engine management light on your dash will come on whenever it detects an issue with your engine. Ignoring this warning light could leave you stranded nowhere close to home at the most inappropriate time. 

Having your car engine checked by a mechanic will help to get it running at its peak again.

2. Tyre Blowouts

Unfortunately, not many people give adequate attention to the condition of their tyres. Yet, these rubber components are the primary point of contact between the vehicle and the surface of the road. 

Baldness, uneven tyre tread wear and incorrect tyre pressure are some of the common factors that can lead to a tyre blowout, jeopardising the safety of the vehicle and those onboard. 

Regularly getting your tyres checked at a car tyre shop can help you know when you need a tyre replacement, thus minimising the risk of a potentially dangerous tyre blowout.

3. Faulty Brakes

You love it when the brakes in your car are working well. You can slow down or stall the vehicle without any difficulty, making your ride safe and comfortable. 

Whether you've spotted brake fluid leaks, seen the brake warning light come on, heard a loud noise when braking or noticed that your brake pedal is 'spongy', you should never ignore any sign of brake trouble.

If left unchecked, faulty brakes can easily lead to an accident. The best course of action is to let a brakes specialist check and fix your braking system.

Do you suspect your car is experiencing mechanical issues? Don't take any chances when it comes to the safety of your ride — visit your trusted car mechanic immediately!

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