Top Tips When Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars can be a challenging endeavour. Most buyers do not know how to choose and inspect used cars. As such, they end up purchasing unreliable vehicles that can be costly maintain. In the extract below, you will learn a few tips for buying used cars.

What Are Your Needs?

Choose a car that suits your needs. For instance, a saloon car would be perfect for a college student that needs to commute between home and school. On the other hand, a camping enthusiast would need a 4WD vehicle to transverse rough terrain. Check the amenities on the car; for instance, a family car should have sufficient leg space, boot space and extras such as climate control.


Conduct some research to determine reliable car models. Car blogs, social media and online forums can provide essential information regarding the reliability of various car models. Some of your concerns should include the following: what problems is the vehicle likely to develop? Are these problems avoidable? What are the maintenance costs? Are spare parts and repair shops available in your area? The answers to these questions will help you choose a specific make and model.

Inspecting Used Cars

Below are a few tips to help you inspect used cars:

  • Start the engine cold; strange engine sounds or a blue-black smoke are indications of severe engine problems.
  • Inspect the engine for signs of leaks, and check the colour and texture of the engine oil -- black oil with a lot of sediment is a sign of a worn-out engine.
  • Inspect the body for accident damage; for instance, uneven lines and filler are signs of accident repair.
  • Check the vehicle's underneath for signs of rust and bends on the cross members.
  • The electrical system, including the lights, air conditioner, power windows and stereo, should be fully functional.

It would be difficult to find a used car without any flaws; as such, determine what faults are acceptable. For instance, worn-out tires, damaged seats or a dysfunctional air conditioner can be repaired. Push the vehicle to its limit during the test drive; this will help you examine the vehicle's power and the condition of the acceleration, suspension, braking and transmission systems. It will also let you know if the car overheats.


Are you getting value for your money? Compare quotes from a few dealers. Do not shy away from pitting one dealer against the other -- it is often a way of getting discounts. Additionally, insist on guarantees and warranties.

When buying used cars, determine your needs, conduct some research, inspect the used car and negotiate the asking price. 

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